What I Offer

Therapy Services

How many of us have trouble being in our bodies, in the moment, really present? Life trauma can wreak havoc on us and make it almost impossible to really show up within ourselves. In addition to talk therapy, I use mindfulness, visualization and imagery, and relaxation response in my work to help a person find their way back to their body, and help their body become a safer place for them to be.

In addition to working with depression, anxiety, grief and loss and living well through stressful transitions, I have worked with people struggling to feel positively about their eating and body image for most of my career. I want to learn about your unique experiences, where you feel strength and personal power, as these are essential parts of helping you create a new way of living. Together we will understand what brings you to turning to or away from food or people, what gets in the way of you feeling you are bringing your best self to relationships, or living your life fully and happily, and help you find healthier ways to handle tough emotions so you can live your life free of being caught in a cycle of negative thinking and actions.

And one more thing–please feel free to bring your pets in for sessions! I have welcomed dogs, cats, birds, rabbits–you name it, as long as they are friendly to others, please bring them if you like! The emotional and physical health benefits of a relationship with animals is well-known, and I find that it helps my clients feel vastly calmer and more present when accompanied by their compassionate companions. 

Consultation and Supervision Services

I offer individual and group clinical consultation to fellow practitioners and welcome professionals at all stages in their career. I offer workshops in treating disordered eating/body image, resolving trauma, using body-based techniques, and enhancing relationships.
I have founded several consultation groups, am a supervision group facilitator and professional member of the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association. I am also  a professional member of National Association of Social Work , EMDRIA, and The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals.  A 1989 graduate from Simmons College School of Social Work, I have been trained at the Family Institute of Cambridge in Narrative Therapy, and in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR, Reiki as well as receiving ongoing training in the field of Disordered Eating,  Internal Family Systems, and Cognitive Behavioral therapies. I have had the pleasure of studying with Geneen Roth, a leader in the field of emotional eating, and owe much of my understanding to her groundbreaking work. Over the last 15 years, I have developed and led workshops at universities, social service agencies, and in the communities in and around Boston, and served on the faculty of the Eating Disorders Institute at Plymouth State University

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