A Bit About Me

One of the things that helps me be a good therapist is that I practice what I preach as much as possible! The  body-based techniques I use, skills that can be used on a daily basis for good self-care, like eating mindfully, moving our bodies in kind/not compulsive ways, and staying grounded and present, are skills that I practice myself.  Being happily married almost 30 years hopefully gives a little “street cred” to my helping couples and families working toward improved relationships! I have two terrific sons and a busy family life, but also know how important it is to make time for my own pursuits, including outside sports (running, often with our dogs, biking and hiking are faves), traveling, reading and listening to music–usually on the radio, but preferably at a show!

Over 35 years in practice, I have come to see how the most important factors in therapy being effective are:

  • clearly defined and articulated vision and intentions for how you want to live your life –this is key so that you will know if you are on track in your progress
  • an open, trusting relationship with your therapist, where you feel supported, authentic, and 100% accepted

I often tell my clients “Don’t be afraid to surprise yourself” and I mean that–why can’t your life feel and be what you truly want and represent who you truly are?

Guess what:   IT CAN!


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