Are you ready for a change? Have you been feeling stuck in relationships, with work, or with old behaviors that are hard to shift no matter how many ways you have tried? Are old wounds showing up in places making it hard to focus on what is in front of you or what you are hoping to bring into your life?

Here’s where I come in! Therapy can be a wonderful space to practice new ways of thinking and being, help you to get and stay in touch with all your feelings, take better care of yourself, find a better version of yourself in relationship. Together, we can open those stuck channels of energy and allow a flow for new contentment-and dare I say even JOY- in the way you are living each day. 

I also offer consultation for therapists, and target issues that arise in the work we do to help support bringing our best selves to our clients. Working through our own relationships with our bodies, practicing mindful self-care, and coming to the work with our whole self is key to giving our best to others.

If this sounds like it might be what you are looking for, send an email or give a call.       Let’s get started!                                              

        **MY PRACTICE IS FULL AT THIS TIME**                                        

As soon as I have openings I will open my schedule up for appointments. Thank you for your patience!

(617) 894 0024
email: laurenmanasselicsw@gmail.com
website: www.laurenmanasse.com

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