Are you struggling to feel happier in your own body? Do you find emotions lead you to over or under eat, or make it hard to pay attention to your own hunger and fullness? Perhaps you are feeling down, having a hard time reaching out, making friends, or find yourself worrying all the time about big and little things? Or you and your partner are going through a rough patch, or are “stuck” and need some help sorting out how to get back on track?

Here’s where I come in! I can help guide you to get and stay in touch with all your feelings, take better care of yourself, find a better version of yourself in relationship, and feel more content in the way you are living each day.

In addition to therapy, I also offer consultation and supervision for therapists, and target issues that arise in the work we do to help support bringing our best selves to our clients. Working through our own relationships with our bodies, practicing mindful self-care, and coming to the work with our whole self is key to giving our best to others.

If this sounds like it might be just what you are looking for, send an email or give a call.       Let’s get started!                                              

        **MY PRACTICE IS FULL AT THIS TIME**                                        

As soon as I have openings I will open my schedule up for appointments. Thank you for your patience!

(617) 894 0024
email: laurenmanasselicsw@gmail.com
website: www.laurenmanasse.com

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